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In our case, there are two condition object in the array: the first one defines the device to which to apply by its vendor ID and product ID; the second one defines the app to which to apply by its app ID. Every app on macOS has a unique app ID or bundle ID , which usually has the form of an inverted domain name, like, for example, com. Replace App Name with the name of the application.

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Just leave the escape and control characters as they are. For example, if your app ID is com. Powerpoint , use the following in the JSON file:. If your presenter is connected, you can see its vendor ID and product ID in the Devices tab of Karabiner, as shown below:. Select it and click Enable , as shown in the following screenshots:. Now the rule is enabled and applies whenever you use your specific presenter with your specified presentation applicatoin and not otherwise, as desired.

Note that all remapping rules defined in Karabiner apply only when Karabiner is running indicated by an icon in the menu bar. Alternatively, you can completely exclude the input devices in question from being affected by Karabiner by unchecking them in the Devices tab, as shown below:. There is currently no documentation of the JSON schema for defining complex modifications. The best one can do is to start from existing complex modification rules and edit them.

The names for the keyboard keys used by Karabiner e. It displays the name of each key as it is pressed on the keyboard. A list of all the keyboard key names can also be found in this GitHub issue comment.

Logitech Professional Presenter R800 Software, Driver And Setup-Guide Download

There is also an old version of Karabiner v For completeness, here is how to perform the same remapping scenario with the old Karabiner version. The old Karabiner version can also be installed from the Karabiner website. Make sure to choose the This opens the directory of the private. This is the configuration file that contains all the custom remapping rules. How to find out the app ID of an application is explained here.

In the window that pops up, locate the category of your device in the left column. If you click on your device in the main panel, information about it is displayed in a panel below. After saving the private. Now the item defined in private. Check its checkbox to activate it, as shown below:. Now the rule is activated, and the remapping rules apply whenever you use your specific presenter device with the specified application. Once you know how to remap the keys of your presenter with Karabiner, you can use it for much more than just presentations.

Remapping the Keys of a Wireless Presenter

For example, I remapped the keys of my presenter to the keyboard shortcuts used by the Google Play Music player running in a web browser. In this way, I can use the presenter as a remote control for my music player. You can, for example, also make your presenter a remote control for YouTube by mapping the keys to the YouTube shortcuts listed here.

Which keys does your presentation software use?

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You find it in the Input Menu of the menu bar, as shown below: If you click Show Keyboard Viewer , a small keyboard appears on the screen, which highlights every key as it is pressed. These keys will be the targets to which you need to remap the keys of your presenter.

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So, now how can we remap the key functions of an input device like the wireless presenter? Karabiner Karabiner is a Mac-based tool that allows to remap the keys for almost all kinds of input devices. But the one thing we did really like was the USB port on the bottom. This can be used to charge the remote, but also provides a handy storage space for the USB receiver when not in use. The control scheme with this remote is simple, but still highly effective. The main difference between this button and some of the more advanced models is that each one serves a single purpose.

For example, Canon combined the play and stop buttons. If your media is currently playing, then the button will stop it, and vice versa. But this can create confusion in presentations where there are multiple media types, or if you change slides without stopping the previous media. To avoid any awkward mistakes, many presenters will prefer this simple control scheme. The Kensington Wireless Presenter decided to go for a high bandwidth method of communication to offer solid range without dropouts. Running on the 2.

This transceiver can be used with Windows 7, 8, and 10 PCs. It can also work with OSX systems from It works with Microsoft PowerPoint out of the box, but the drivers allow you to map the buttons to the keyboard. With a few quick clicks, you can set it up to control any presentation software you like. While their professional wireless presenter is much larger than some, the impressive range of included features makes this presenter just as powerful as it is large. The Logitech R Professional Presenter is ergonomically designed to be comfortable to hold in the hand, and keeps all of your most important features easily accessible from the face.

The controls are quite similar to those on the Canon. But the unique feature on this remote is the programmable button located just below the display. You can configure this button to set any particular element you like, giving you a little more control over your presentation.

This wireless remote presenter is compatible with a wide range of Windows PCs, starting from Windows 7 and going up to the latest release of Windows It uses the same wireless technology as the Cannon, requiring a dongle but giving you up to ft 30 meters of range. The timer is set from the included features, and gives you a ton of control over how and when the timer goes off. You can set different types of vibrations for different alarms. For example, short pulses can signify an impending time limit, or long ones can remind you to move on to the next slide. Another great feature of this remote is the same high powered green laser pointer we liked so much.

Not sure which one is right for your business? This remote is fully compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems, and gives you plentiful controls and a powerful laser. You might also want to consider the Logitech R Professional Presenter. This model adds a powerful timing system that lets you make the most of the built-in vibration feature.

Logitech Professional Presenter R800, Presentation Wireless

Finally, there will be a few people who just need something simple for their presentations. If this is all you need, there is no sense is spending money on a high-end model. I am seeking a presenter which is compatible with Corel software on a PC running Windows I will appreciate any comments or suggestions.

Thank you. Thank you for the great reviews. I am currently using a Kensington Presenter Pro that has been good for me for quite some time now. I like the size and the button layouts; the range is wonderful; and the green laser is plenty bright.

source site That all said, the one thing that drives me mad is the clicking sounds of the buttons. How on earth did the design team feel this was okay. I think the Canon might, but not sure. Controls Perhaps the most important feature of any wireless presenter is the control layout. Features The stand out feature of this remote is the powerful green laser.

Design The incredibly compact Kensington Wireless Presenter is designed to be simple and easy to use. Controls The control scheme with this remote is simple, but still highly effective.