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Australian National University Press, pp. The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia. National Gallery of Victoria. Australian Culture and Recreation Portal.

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Australia Government. Blainey writes "If an Aboriginal in the seventeenth century had been captured as a curiosity and taken in a Dutch ship to Europe, and if he had travelled all the way from Scotland to the Caucasus and had seen how the average European struggled to make a living, he might have said to himself he had now seen the third world and all its poverty and hardship. Alfred A. Knopf, New York. The Voyage to Marege': Macassan Trepangers in Northern Australia.

Melbourne University Press. See Ganter,R. Events That Shaped Australia. New Holland.

Vy Oanh: 'Minh Tuyết vừa sai về luật, vừa thủ đoạn chèn ép đàn em'

Journal of Royal Australian Historical Society 94 1: The Smallpox Epidemic of Journal of Australian Studies. State Library of New South Wales. New Holland Publishing, Sydney. Journal of the Australian Map Circle , No. King, "Regio Patalis: Australia on the map in ?

Sigmond and L. Zuiderbaan Dutch Discoveries of Australia. Rigby Ltd, Australia. The Register Adelaide, SA: National Library of Australia. The Mercury Hobart, Tas.: Edward Duyker ed. The Discovery of Tasmania: Migliazzo; translations from the French by Pierrette C. Christianne-Lovrien and 'BioDun J.

I, pp. Shaw The Story of Australia.

Trận Nhai Đình

Beaglehole and R. Skelton eds. Cowan and John C. Walter R. III, , p.

Marcus Mietzner

British Library, Add. The news was reported in the overseas press, such as the Gazzetta Universale Florence , 30 Novembre , p. King, "Norfolk Island: Shaw p. King, "'Ports of Shelter and refreshment Bowen, Sculp. VIII, , pp. I, , pp.

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  • Nhiều nhạc sĩ khẳng định Vy Oanh sai trong vụ cãi vã với Minh Tuyết.

III, c. Yarwood, Samuel Marsden: The Australian Women's Weekly — — Phantasy and Reality, — V, , pp. Extracts from the Official Dispatches of Colonel Light, Capper, , p. Political history , Netley, Wakefield Press, , pp. Xem Trina Jeremiah in T. Gurry p. Driscoll and E.

Elphick Birth of A Nation p. Rigby, Australia. Elphick A Military History of Australia.


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