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All in all, it includes:. All in all, Avidemux is a free video editor that will get you out of more than one tight spot when you have you to correct a poorly recorded video.

Mac Video Editors Avidemux Mac 2. Download Avidemux and get hold of this free video editor for Mac Vote 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Requirements and additional information:. Minimum operating system requirements: Mac OS Mojave. Blender is available in different versions for Windows as well as Mac. Jahshaka was once known by the name CineFX — a cross-platform software solution that worked with Mac, Windows, and Linux.


It was developed to be an editor, effects, and composition engine. Jahshaka is currently in the alpha stage and currently provides real-time effects rendering.

However, it is also good for professionals. As is the case with most other apps, you can run into bugs and other issues with this video editing software. You can still benefit from all of the features though, including; 2D and 3D animation and compositing, asset and media management, and more. It is built on the MLT Framework, meaning that it aims to provide users with simple to use features and versatility.


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Kdenlive works with Linux, but we recommend checking the compatibility of your system so you can avoid potential glitches. Avidemux is among the very best video editing software programs available right now. It is designed specifically for cutting, trimming, encoding, and filtering videos. Avidemux is a free, open-source, cross-platform video editing solution that can handle all manner of tasks including encoding converting videos to other formats , cutting cutting out certain fragments of video , and filtering resizing, deinterlacing, adding subtitles, correcting color, and more.

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You want something that supports every file type and comes with advanced features. Take a look at Elmedia Player for Mac.

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Discover top video editing YouTube soft for Mac. Use this tool to simply cut, crop, edit or filter any video files from any source. Compatible with the contemporary video file formats and hardware sources like the CD, DVD, Blu-ray; the Avidemux is embedded with bunch of codecs. These codecs help the tool to deliver the strength in running and working with multiple video file formats.

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If you are a videography professional or working for the media industry or have hobby of video editing, Avidemux will benefit you. The simple user interface with larger display window built-in the frame makes the editing easier for everyone. The Avidemux for Mac OS X being a simpler functional tool have wisely leveraged its performance capabilities on the promises it made to the users.

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People can process lots of file at a time, manage the cue, edit single file at a time. And with the self explaining interface with command buttons cutting, adding effect, converting the format, transferring to a newer compatible source and doing other editorial jobs is easier.

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To name few of its available features, Avidemux comes with support for wider array of input and output formats.